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°Home, portable, and car air purifiers are different types of products with the following distinctions°

Home Air Purifiers: Specifically designed for household environments, these purifiers typically have larger air processing capacities. They effectively clean indoor air by removing pollutants and odors, providing long-lasting air purification.

Portable Air Purifiers: Lightweight and portable, these purifiers are suitable for offices, travel, or small spaces. They generally have smaller sizes and lower power capacities, offering immediate air purification.

Car Air Purifiers: Designed specifically for the interior of vehicles, these purifiers eliminate pollutants, odors, and bacteria, improving the air quality inside the car. They are often powered through car chargers or electrical outlets.

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  1. CAF-A400HK(H) 智能空氣清新機

    TOSHIBA CAF-A400HK(H) 智能空氣清新機

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