PHILIPS is a well-known brand with a broad market presence worldwide. They specialize in innovative electronic products and offer high-quality home appliances such as televisions, sound systems, coffee machines, as well as personal health products like electric toothbrushes, electric shavers, and massagers. Their products combine excellent design, high performance, and advanced technology to provide convenience and comfort to users. PHILIPS is dedicated to delivering exceptional user experiences and is committed to sustainability and environmental protection. With outstanding design, performance, and advanced technology, their products bring convenience and comfort to users. Whether in households, medical institutions, or commercial environments, PHILIPS is a trusted brand.

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  1. HR2605/81 Mini Blender

    PHILIPS HR2605/81 Mini Blender

    Regular Price HK$598
  2. HR2291/20 3000 Series Blender

    PHILIPS HR2291/20 3000 Series Blender

    Regular Price HK$458
  3. HR3760/00 7000 Series High Speed Blender

    PHILIPS HR3760/00 7000 Series High Speed Blender

    Regular Price HK$1,298
  4. HR2038/30 迷你高速冷熱烹調攪拌機

    PHILIPS HR2038/30 迷你高速冷熱烹調攪拌機

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