Exchange Policy

  1. We are committed to providing You with products of excellent quality. If You are not satisfied with the Product(s) in any way and require an exchange, You have to submit a request according to our Exchange Policy. Otherwise, the Product(s) will be deemed free of quality and specification issues. This Exchange is your sole remedy in respect of all liabilities and damages caused by any Product quality or specification issues.
  2. Any exchange or refund claim not made in the manner set out under Clause 6 shall be deemed invalid. We reserve Our right and discretion to decline any invalid exchange or refund claim. In the event of any dispute hereunder, We have rights to make final decision.
  3. You have to submit Your exchange request within 10 days from the day the Product(s) are received, and provided that:
    1. the Product must not be opened or used;
    2. all parts, accessories, user manual, warranty card (blank), free gifts, redeemed items are intact and returned together with the Product(s);
    3. the original invoice and the credit card used to purchase the Product(s) must be presented;
    4. Otherwise We will have the right to refuse the exchange. If You fail to complete and return the required documents or items, We have the right to refuse Your application.
  4. The Product(s) to be exchanged should not be damaged, scratched, defaced or contain any trace of water and/ or other substance damage.
  5. You are allowed to exchange the products with the same model and colour.
  6. 10-day Guarantee is not applicable on personal care products, earphones and other designated products.
  7. 10-day Guarantee is not applicable on Product(s) which have already completed on-line warranty registration.
  8. 10-day Guarantee is not applicable on repaired products.
  9. You have to show the original invoice of purchase at the designated Broadway store for the exchange.
  10. Agents/vendors/manufacturers are responsible for the warranty of associated products. The terms and conditions of such warranty are subject to the manufacturers/vendors’ policy. During the warranty period, you may return the products to the manufacturer or vendor for repair. You may refer to the warrantee card or enquire the agents/manufacturers/vendors for details.
  11. We have the right (but not the obligation) to amend, edit, or make any changes in any other form of the Terms and Conditions and any information, at Our sole discretion and without notice.
  12. If there is any dispute, We reserve the right of final decision.


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