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40s - 50s



Broadway was born out of founder Mr. Li Bo passion to bring new technology to the masses. In the 1950s, photography was an expensive hobby. Then a professional photographer, Mr. Li wanted ordinary people to have the opportunity to experience the delights that technology can bring us. Starting with a shop on Nathan Road, Mong Kok in 1949, which sold photographic film and provided camera rental and film development services, Mr. Li later founded the first Broadway store on Shantung Street, Mong Kok.


70s - 80s



By the 1970s, photography and audio-visual equipment wereincreasingly common. Broadway’s services, too, became more diversifiedas we gradually transformed into a retail specialist for cameras, photographic film, and audio-visual products. In 1975, we were formally incorporated as Broadway Photo Supply Limited. Recognising therapidtechnological advancement and the inevitable rise of electronics and electrical appliances as living necessities, Broadway actively expanded its scope of businessfrom a photography equipment specialist to a diversified digital electronics and electrical appliances retail business.





As times change, ever-newer electronics and electrical appliances continue to impact our ways of life. Broadway, too, is constantly evolving to satisfy the changing needs of our customers. We are now the leading one-stop electronics and electrical appliances retail chain in Hong Kong with over 30 stores, havingmore than 1,000 employees who have been recognised on numerous occasions for their outstanding service. Constantly tapping into our “Dare to try” and “Constant innovation” spirit, we actively source for a wide range of the latest digital electronics and electronic appliances.With the continuous enhancements in our professional retail services and trendy shopping experience, we now provide computerised ordering services and a 10-day shopping guarantee, as well as a brand new online and offline shopping experience launched in 2017, allowing our customers to keep close linked to the latest technology trends and experience how technology elevates ourpleasures in life, filling every day of our lives with fun and joy.



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