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1. CR (ultrasonic): 3MHz (3,000,000Hz) ultrasonic (also used in professional salons and spas) high-frequency ultrasonic vibration, penetrates deep into the skin layer, surpasses the effective depth of traditional vibration instruments, and achieves better beauty care effects. 2. RF (Radio Frequency): Using 1MHz (1,000,000HZ) wireless radio frequency (also used in professional salons and spas), the radio frequency acts on the dermis. Compared with ordinary heating machines, the radio frequency can reach the deep layer of the skin and warm the skin for a long time to achieve Better beauty care results. 3. EMS (micro-current): low-frequency slow-release micro-current, exercise through direct electrical stimulation of muscles, and stimulate muscles by sticking it on the skin. Please use the device under the premise of feeling comfortable. 4. BR (breast): Through LED red light and RF (radio frequency), better beauty care effect can be achieved.

• 4 Core Technologies: Ultrasonic Wave (CA), Radio Frequency (RF), EMS Microcurrent and LED red light
• 3 Massage Modes: Cell Activation, Body Shaping and Breast Enhancement
• 5 Intensity levels for a personalized massage experience
• One machine is suitable for the whole body


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Sagging and flabby body parts hinder yourcharm? Looking for an easy way to tone up yourbody? Unveil your perfect curves with thisall-in-one solution! With Vonmie Breast & Body Beauty All-in-One,you can improve different body parts with a personalize
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Broadway Code H702173-M
Model VON0011
Package Contents Host x1 Base x1 Storage bag x1 USB Type C charging cable x1 Instruction manual x1
Product Size (Width x Height x Depth) (mm) 217x78x49
Product Weight (kg) 0.257
Packing Size (Width x Height x Depth) (mm) 24.5x18x8.5
Packing Weight (kg) 0.85
Color Display Black
Main Feature 4 kinds of body shaping technology CA high-frequency ultrasonic wave, RF radio frequency, EMS micro-current and LED red light
Main Feature 2 3 massage modes: unblocking, shaping, breast beautification mode
Main Feature 3 5 levels of intensity selection Personalize your massage experience
Main Feature 4 The body is IPX 7, all-round waterproof and can be used with essence
Selling Point

After about 10 minutes of ultrasonic use, a warm feeling will be generated deep in the skin, which can promote the metabolism of subcutaneous fibroblasts, increase collagen, improve skin elasticity, improve blood and lymph circulation, and help discharge

Selling Point 2

RF Benefits Plump, firm, and elastic Effectively smoothes wrinkles, tightens skin, and improves overall skin texture.

Selling Point 3

Benefits of EMS Exercise superficial and deep muscles, promote blood circulation and achieve effects such as burning fat and slimming, while helping to repair injured muscles.

Selling Point 4

LED red light can increase cell hydration ability, reduce redness and inflammation, stimulate collagen proliferation, enhance cell repair ability, shrink pores, reduce fine lines, regulate oil secretion, improve blood circulation, accelerate skin repair,

Warranty (Month) 12
Warranty Coverage Hong Kong
Warranty Detail 1 year warranty: labor + parts (excluding case, consumable parts and accessories)
Voltage N/A
Place of origin China
Sales Territory Hong Kong, Macao, United States, Canada, Unitedkingdom, Thailand, Singapore, Malaysia, Philippines, Vietnam, Indonesia, Japan, India, Germany, France, Italy, Netherlands, Spain, Turkey, Poland, Argentina, South Korea, Ireland, Sweden, Pakistan, Cambodia, Switzerland, Saudi Arabia, Bangladesh, Belgium, Nepal, South Africa, Finland, Brazil, Nigeria, Denmark, Czech Republic, Israel, Greece, Austria, Brunei, East Timor, Laos, Myanmar, Luxembourg, Monaco, Iceland, Norway, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Moldova, Romania, Bulgaria, Portugal, Andorra, San Marino, Malta, Serbia, Slovenia, Montenegro, Macedonia, Albania, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, Uzbekistan, Turkmenistan, Bahrain, Qatar, Kuwait, United Arab Emirates, Oman, Yemen, Georgia, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Cyprus, Bhutan, Sri Lanka, Maldives
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