PuriCare™ AP551ABFA Wearable Air Purifier

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Thorough Air Purification
Equipped with H13 HEPA filter, effectively filter 0.3ⴗm county floating particles up to 99.97%
Breathing Pure Air Made Easy
Breathe without breaking a sweat. The Respiratory Sensor detects the cycle and volume of the wearer’s breath, whereas DUAL Inverter Fans adjust the speed accordingly.
Easily socialize and talk
Speak confidently as VoiceON™ (built-in microphone and speaker) projects the sound of your voice, making it easy to be heard.
Ergonomic Design
Choose a suitable size which fits and seals to your face, comfortable for everyday wear while minimizing air leakage.
Bluetooth Connectivity(will be available when the smart device app is released, around mid to late Oct)
Bluetooth application connectivity lets you track your breathing and filter life cycle to optimize use.

Made with medical-grade silicone, same materials applied to oxygen respirators at hospitals. The design also makes it possible to wear the unit comfortably.


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Product Name PuriCare™ AP551ABFA Wearable Air Purifier
Broadway Code H218247-M
Air Purifier Type Portable
Suggested Applicable Area (sq)(choice) N/A
Suggested Applicable Area (sq) 0
Suggested Applicable Area (m2) 0
Filtration HEPA
Filter Model PFDSHC02
Filter HEPA 13
Display Screen NO
Child Lock NO
Speed (stage) 3
Silent Mode NO
Sleep Mode NO
with Remote Control NO
Charging Time 2
Air Quality Sensor NO
With Timer NO
Applicable For -
Brand LG
Model AP551A
Product Size (Width x Height x Depth) (mm) 142x109x52
Product Weight (kg) 0.094
Packing Size (Width x Height x Depth) (mm) 180x150x140
Packing Weight (kg) 0.6
Color Display Black
Main Feature Thorough Air Purification, Better Breathing
Main Feature 2 Dual Inverter Fan
Main Feature 3 1000mAh battery capacity
Main Feature 4 Respiratory Sensor
Main Feature 5 Bluetooth Connectivity
Selling Point

H13 HEPA Filter

Selling Point 2

Light Weight (94g)

Selling Point 3

Ergonomic Design

Selling Point 4


Warranty (Month) 12
Warranty Coverage Hong Kong
Voltage N/A
Place of origin Korea
Sales Territory Hong Kong, Macao, United States, Canada, Unitedkingdom, Thailand, Singapore, Malaysia, Philippines, Vietnam, Indonesia, Japan, India, Germany, France, Italy, Netherlands, Spain, Turkey, Poland, Argentina, South Korea, Ireland, Sweden, Pakistan, Cambodia, Switzerland, Saudi Arabia, Bangladesh, Belgium, Nepal, South Africa, Finland, Brazil, Nigeria, Denmark, Czech Republic, Israel, Greece, Austria, Brunei, East Timor, Laos, Myanmar, Luxembourg, Monaco, Iceland, Norway, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Moldova, Romania, Bulgaria, Portugal, Andorra, San Marino, Malta, Serbia, Slovenia, Montenegro, Macedonia, Albania, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, Uzbekistan, Turkmenistan, Bahrain, Qatar, Kuwait, United Arab Emirates, Oman, Yemen, Georgia, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Cyprus, Bhutan, Sri Lanka, Maldives
Brand Filter LG


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