Refrigerator Buying Guide

Refrigerator Buying GuideRefrigerator Buying Guide

3 main large home appliances: washing machine, air conditioner and refrigerator.

We have introduced washing machines and air conditioners before, we now share with you the buying guide and maintenance tips of refrigerator.

A suitable refrigerator can often be used for more than 10 years with proper placement and maintenance, so the quality of refrigerator is more important than the price!

Let see the following steps to select your favorite refrigerator now.

Step 1: Calculate your required refrigerator capacity

The refrigerator capacity required by each family will vary according to the size of the family and living habits. The basic refrigerator supplies of a family account for about 100 liters, and the required capacity of each family member is about 70 liters. The formula for calculating the required refrigerator capacity is as follows :

Capacity of Refrigerator = (Required capacity for each family member 70 liters X number of households) + 100 liters of basic supplies

Reference table of required refrigerator capacity


Besides of family size, living habits such as cooking habits, and the preference for inviting friends and relatives to socialize, all these factors affecting the required refrigerator capacity need to be considered. In addition, if you often drink wine, you may need a wine celler to separtate the storage of wine and food. It avoid to affect the quality of wine.

Step 2: Choose the number of refrigerator doors 

Refrigerators are usually classified according to the number of refrigerator doors, such as single-door, double-door, three-door and multi-door types.

The single-door refrigerator or mini refrigerator is suitable for one-person households and people who do not need freezer , or used for foods that require independent refrigeration, such as breast milk, to avoid exposure Bacterial contamination of other foods.

The most common two-door refrigerator is equipped with refrigerator and freezer, and is further subdivided into 3 types: top-mounted freezer, bottom-mounted freezer and side-to-door type. Top-mounted freezer refigerators are more popular and cost-effective. Bottom-mounted freezer refrigerators can often avoid bending over to take food from the refrigerator. The side-to-door refrigerator door is relatively small, so there is no need to reserve too much space when opening the door. The side-to-door refrigerator is wider and less in depth to get food easily.

Three-door or multi-door refrigerators are equipped with refrigerator, freezer, and fruit and vegetable compartments with large capacity. It mostly has one or two freezer drawers at the bottom. Some multi-door refrigerators have external water filters, water dispensers and ice machines.

Step 3: Choose an energy efficiency grade 1 refrigerator

In addition to the information on the cooling capacity (kW) and refrigerator refrigerant, the energy label also reflects the energy efficiency of the refrigerator’s "power saving" level, which is divided into levels 1 to 5. The level 1 energy efficiency is the most "energy saving" .

Step 4: Other shopping tips for buying a refrigerator

Generally, the temperature of the refrigerator freezer is 4℃ on average, which is about -18℃ on average with the refrigerator. It is usually equipped with manual temperature adjustment function. Some refrigerators are equipped with independent temperature regulating refrigerator to meet the refrigerating temperature of different food types.

In addition, the new-style refrigerator inner cage uses LED lights, which are more energy-efficient and durable than traditional light bulbs, and emit less heat, which reduces the influence on the temperature of the refrigerator.

In addition, the new-style refrigerator uses antibacterial coatings on the inner wall and door of the refrigerator to prevent the growth of bacteria, avoid contaminating the food and affecting the food preservation period.

Refrigerator use and maintenance tips :

  1. The refrigerator should not store too much food or be emptied for a long time, because more electricity is needed for cooling, which reduces the efficiency of the refrigerator.
  2. High-temperature food should be cooled at room temperature before refrigerating in the refrigerator to save the electricity required for additional refrigeration.
  3. Make sure that the refrigerator door is closed properly and avoid opening and closing the refrigerator door too frequently.
  4. Regularly check whether the rubber seal of the refrigerator door is damaged or aging, and replace it if necessary.
  5. Refrigerators should not be placed in direct sunlight or near cooking stoves, so as not to affect heat dissipation.
  6. When placing the refrigerator, leave enough space to allow air to circulate around the condenser coil of the refrigerator to help dissipate heat and reduce energy consumption.

Double-door Refrigerator

  1. M341S17 2-Doors Refrigerator

    LG M341S17 2-Doors Refrigerator

    Regular Price HK$6,390
  2. B212S13 2-door Refrigerator

    LG B212S13 2-door Refrigerator

    Regular Price HK$4,490
  3. RB330P8H 2-door Refrigerator

    HITACHI RB330P8H 2-door Refrigerator

    Regular Price HK$4,980
  4. RT170E9H_BSL 169L 2-Door Refrigerator

    HITACHI RT170E9H_BSL 169L 2-Door Refrigerator

    Regular Price HK$3,280
  5. R-H230PH1 226L 2-Door Refrigerator

    HITACHI R-H230PH1 226L 2-Door Refrigerator

  6. Vario Style Series NoFrost Bottom Freezer 2 -Door Refrigerator

    BOSCH Vario Style Series NoFrost Bottom Freezer 2 -Door Refrigerator

    Regular Price HK$9,800
  7. Vario Style Series NoFrost Bottom Freezer 2 -Door Refrigerator (Reversible Door Hinge

    BOSCH Vario Style Series NoFrost Bottom Freezer 2 -Door Refrigerator (Reversible Door Hinge

    Regular Price HK$9,800
  8. M312MC13 2-door Refrigerator

    LG M312MC13 2-door Refrigerator

    Regular Price HK$5,990
  9. RB380PH9-BSL/BBK 314L 2-door Refrigerator

    HITACHI RB380PH9-BSL/BBK 314L 2-door Refrigerator

    Regular Price HK$6,080
  10. WF2B220RPS 228L 2-door Refrigerator

    WHIRLPOOL WF2B220RPS 228L 2-door Refrigerator

    Regular Price HK$4,090

Three-door Refrigerator

  1. RS32KPH-CNXB 269L 3-door Refrigerator

    HITACHI RS32KPH-CNXB 269L 3-door Refrigerator

    Regular Price HK$7,680
  2. RS38KPH-CNXB 329L 3-door Refrigerator

    HITACHI RS38KPH-CNXB 329L 3-door Refrigerator

    Regular Price HK$8,480
  3. RSG32KPH - GBK 3-door Refrigerator

    HITACHI RSG32KPH - GBK 3-door Refrigerator

    Regular Price HK$7,880
  4. RSG32KPH-GSB 269L 3-door Refrigerator

    HITACHI RSG32KPH-GSB 269L 3-door Refrigerator

    Regular Price HK$7,880
  5. RSG32KPH-X 269L 3-Door Refrigerator

    HITACHI RSG32KPH-X 269L 3-Door Refrigerator

    Regular Price HK$8,680
  6. MR-CX41EJ-PS-H 3-Door Inverter Refrigerator
    HSBC Credit Card

    MITSUBISHI ELECTRIC MR-CX41EJ-PS-H 3-Door Inverter Refrigerator

    Regular Price HK$7,250
  7. R-SG38KPH 3-door Refrigerator

    HITACHI R-SG38KPH 3-door Refrigerator

  8. RSG32KPHL-X 269L 3-door Refrigerator

    HITACHI RSG32KPHL-X 269L 3-door Refrigerator

  9. NRC370GH 3-door Refrigerator

    PANASONIC NRC370GH 3-door Refrigerator

    Regular Price HK$9,480
  10. MR-CX46EJ-ST-H 3-door Refrigerator

    MITSUBISHI ELECTRIC MR-CX46EJ-ST-H 3-door Refrigerator

    Regular Price HK$8,080

Multi-door Refrigerator

  1. F522S11 Slim French Door Fridge with Inverter Linear Compressor
    HSBC Credit Card

    LG F522S11 Slim French Door Fridge with Inverter Linear Compressor

    Regular Price HK$12,990
  2. F521MC78 InstaView Door-in-Door Refrigerator

    LG F521MC78 InstaView Door-in-Door Refrigerator

    Regular Price HK$17,980
  3. MR-L78EN-GSL-H 4-Door Inverter Refrigerator (Glass Stellar Silver)

    MITSUBISHI ELECTRIC MR-L78EN-GSL-H 4-Door Inverter Refrigerator (Glass Stellar Silver)

    Regular Price HK$17,900
  4. 5WQ24NIJAS 4 Door Refrigerator

    WHIRLPOOL 5WQ24NIJAS 4 Door Refrigerator

    Regular Price HK$14,790
  5. R-WB640VH0_GMG 513L 4-Door Refrigerator

    HITACHI R-WB640VH0_GMG 513L 4-Door Refrigerator

  1. RG420KH - X Crystal Mirror

    HITACHI RG420KH - X Crystal Mirror

    Regular Price HK$16,580
  2. RG420KH - XPN Crystal Champagne

    HITACHI RG420KH - XPN Crystal Champagne

    Regular Price HK$15,680
  3. RG420KHL- X (Reversible Door Hinge) Crystal Mirror

    HITACHI RG420KHL- X (Reversible Door Hinge) Crystal Mirror

    Regular Price HK$16,680
  4. MR-B46F-F-H 366L 5-Door Refrigerator

    MITSUBISHI ELECTRIC MR-B46F-F-H 366L 5-Door Refrigerator

    Regular Price HK$17,780
  5. RG420KHL- XPN (Reversible Door Hinge) Crystal Champagne

    HITACHI RG420KHL- XPN (Reversible Door Hinge) Crystal Champagne

    Regular Price HK$15,780
  1. MR-WX60F 487L Six-Door Refrigerator

    MITSUBISHI ELECTRIC MR-WX60F 487L Six-Door Refrigerator

    Regular Price HK$24,980
  2. R-HV480NH 372L Six-door refrigerator

    HITACHI R-HV480NH 372L Six-door refrigerator

  3. MR-WX52D-BR-H 6-Door Inverter Refrigerator

    MITSUBISHI ELECTRIC MR-WX52D-BR-H 6-Door Inverter Refrigerator

    Regular Price HK$21,980
  4. MR-WX52D-F-H 6-Door Refrigerator

    MITSUBISHI ELECTRIC MR-WX52D-F-H 6-Door Refrigerator

    Regular Price HK$21,980
  5. MR-WX70C-BR-H 6-door Refrigerator

    MITSUBISHI ELECTRIC MR-WX70C-BR-H 6-door Refrigerator

    Regular Price HK$29,280

Wine Cellar

  1. V36M 36 BOT Wine Cellar

    VIVANT V36M 36 BOT Wine Cellar

    Regular Price HK$3,498
  2. CV24M 24 BOT Wine Cellar
    HSBC Credit Card

    VIVANT CV24M 24 BOT Wine Cellar

    Regular Price HK$2,998
  3. CV32MD 32BOT Wine Cellar

    VIVANT CV32MD 32BOT Wine Cellar

    Regular Price HK$3,398
  4. V90MCB 90 BOT Wine Cellar

    VIVANT V90MCB 90 BOT Wine Cellar

    Regular Price HK$12,718
  5. V20M 20 BOT Wine Cellar

    VIVANT V20M 20 BOT Wine Cellar

    Regular Price HK$2,598