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How to find a great portable electric Heater?
Fan, ceramic, oil column and convection – which heater is right for your home? The Pros and Cons of different types of portable electric Heaters. Plus, safety, maintenance, tips and more.
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Smart Shopping Tips for Heater :

  • The heater is equipped with a blowing function, which can speed up the heat flow and increase the indoor temperature more evenly.
  • Some heaters are equipped with a humidifying function, which can blow out moisture at regular intervals, and a heating device that combines heating and moisture in one, which helps to reduce the dry environment caused by the heater.
  • Some electric heaters or air heaters are more waterproof and can be used in the bathroom, but you should avoid getting the electric heaters or air heaters wet during use.
  • Electric heaters or heaters usually have an automatic power-off function to avoid excessive heating, which may cause burns or heat up debris and cause a fire.

Heater Use and Maintenance Tips:

  1. Electric heaters/heaters generally consume 2,500W or higher, and independent power supplies should be used.
  2. When in use, it should be placed in a safe place to prevent children, the elderly, and pets from touching the heating plate.
  3. There should be enough places next to the electric heater/heater to vent and dissipate heat to avoid obstruction by debris.
  4. When the electric heater/air heater is not in use, turn off the power completely.

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