Consumption Voucher User Guide


HK$5,000 consumption voucher scheme has been accepted for registration! For electronic registration completed on or before July 17, you can receive the first

instalment vouchers of HK$2,000 as soon as August 1.

We know that you all want to know how to use the consumption voucher, so we have listed a few frequently asked questions to help you answer them one by one!

Any further questions about consumer coupons? It doesn't matter, please feel free to click on the right bottom corner icon the Live Chat function,

or through the Broadway App Buddy function to check the details through. Broadway colleagues will try their best to answer your questions!



Frequently Asked Questions about Consumption Voucher


Q1. Does Broadway accept consumption voucher for payment?

Accepted, all our branches (including online store) accept consumption vouchers.


Q2. Can consumption vouchers be used to purchase Broadway’s gift cards?

Customers can use consumption voucher by Tap&Go and Octopus to purchase gift cards.


Q3. Can I use the first consumption voucher as a deposit, and then use second voucher to pay the balance?

Yes, the products can be picked up or delivered after full payment.


Q4. Can I use multiple consumption voucher at the same time?

Yes, our branches accept multiple consumption vouchers for a single transaction.


Q5. Does the Broadway’s website accept multiple consumption vouchers for a single transaction?

Broadway’s website does not accept multiple consumption vouchers and multiple payment methods for a single transaction.


Q6. Can I earn member points by using consumption vouchers?



Q7. Can I pay in installments after using consumption vouchers?

Yes, after using consumption vouchers, the balance can be paid in installments using designated bank credit cards.




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