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Back to School promotion has begun~ Broadway provides computer education discounts for universities, secondary schools and primary school students, parents and staff. The discounted products cover multiple brands, including Lenovo, Samsung, Microsoft, Acer, Fujitsu, Brother, etc. Up to 53% off!

Go to the Broadway online store and physical stores immediately to upgrade your computing equipment and get ready for the start of school!

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Clerical Laptop


Ultra-light Laptop

  1. Galaxy Book Pro 360 NP930QDB-KF2HK i5-1135G7 13.3" Laptop
    SAMSUNG Galaxy Book Pro 360 NP930QDB-KF2HK i5-1135G7 13.3" Laptop Regular Price HK$11,980

e-Sports Laptop

  1. Lenovo Legion 7i Gaming Laptop
    LENOVO Lenovo Legion 7i Gaming Laptop Regular Price HK$19,998
  2. UltraGear™ 32GP850 Gaming Monitor
    LG UltraGear™ 32GP850 Gaming Monitor Regular Price HK$6,590

Computer Accessories

  1. U15SE SPECIAL EDITION Ultra-narrow-lightweight Portable Monitor
    Better DiGi U15SE SPECIAL EDITION Ultra-narrow-lightweight Portable Monitor Regular Price HK$1,699
  2. Archer AX50 - AX3000 Wi-Fi 6 Giga Router
    TP-LINK Archer AX50 - AX3000 Wi-Fi 6 Giga Router
  3. LG Ergo 27QN880
    LG LG Ergo 27QN880 Regular Price HK$3,890

Laptop Buying Guide

Screen size
13-14 inch screen: to achieve the best balance between portability and usability.
15-16 inch screen: the most popular size. A 15-inch laptop usually weighs 4-5.5 pounds. If you don't plan to carry a laptop with you often, this size is more suitable for you.
17 to 18 inch screen: suitable for users who put the computer on the table for a long time and do not plan to take it out. At the same time, it is suitable for designers, e-sports players and other users.

Keyboard and trackpad
We use the computer for a long time every day. If the posture is awkward when we use it, it may cause muscle strain, shoulder and neck pain and other health problems. Therefore, it is very important to choose a portable computer that fits your body shape, habits, and has a good ergonomic design. For example, pay attention to the tactile feedback of the keyboard (the distance between the keys is 1-2mm when pressed) and enough space between the keys. In addition, the touchpad should be able to avoid mouse delays and respond to multi-touch gestures.

The 10th generation CPU of the Core i5 U series is suitable for Internet access or paperwork. The U series is a low-voltage version that saves electricity. The Core i7 and Core i9 H series of 10th generation and above CPUs are suitable for computing-intensive software, such as animation, short film editing and other tasks, while the H series are high-end performance versions that make the software run more smoothly.

Memory RAM
Insufficient RAM will make the computer system unable to start or crash. Generally speaking, 8GB memory can meet the purpose of word processing. If you often need to use software with too much computing capacity, you need 16GB or more of memory.

Hard disk capacity
The solid-state drive SSD operates at least three times faster than the traditional hard disk, which can speed up the overall operation of the laptop. The 256GB hard disk capacity or more can generally meet most of the uses. If you need to store a lot of photos or videos, you need 512GB hard disk capacity.

Battery life
If you need to go out to use your computer frequently, you can choose a model with a battery that lasts for more than 8 hours. But if you plan to use your laptop at home, you can connect the charger for a long time, and battery life is not a major consideration.



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